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Diving into Urban Permaculture in 2 Days

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Starts on 04/05/2019 , 4 lesson(s)

Conducted at33 Poh Huat Drive, Singapore 546823

Diving into Urban Permaculture in 2 Days

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2 Full Saturdays - 4th & 11th May 2019 (Saturdays) @ Kovan

Have you ever wanted to learn how to build a sustainable garden that mimics Mother Nature? Or do you desire to know creative strategies that can help reduce the amount of maintenance, watering and weeding required by your plants?

Permaculture, which is short for "Permanent Agriculture" is a system of agricultural and design principles centered around simulating or directly utilizing the patterns and features observed in natural ecosystems. Permaculture is now a growing global movement that has changed many people's lives on a fundamental level. 

Come and join us for a crash course into the field of Permaculture. We hope to equip everyday individuals with realistic design strategies to quickly create ecologically sound and sustainable planting areas.

The aim of this course is to help participants gain a basic understanding of Permaculture's guiding ethics, principles and design methodology, so as to be applied to gardening and urban landscaping projects. Participants will leave with the knowledge and confidence needed to begin designing meaningful edible landscapes in their own homes or for their community, whatever the scale, yes even in small balcony gardens!

 The course aims to share the following:

  1. To learn and apply the fundamental concepts and philosophy of Permaculture
  2. To explore existing designs and agriculture strategies used by Permaculture farms world wide
  3. To experience designing a community garden based on Permaculture design principles.

In this 2-day workshop, you will learn about:

  • Origins of Permaculture & where it is heading

  •  Ethics and design principles of Permaculture

  •  Concepts of Permaculture

  •  Design strategies in Permaculture

  •  Application of Permaculture to Singapore's urban & tropical context

  •  Table-top design exercise & presentations

  •  Hands-on learning

Date :    4th & 11th May 2019 (Saturdays)

Time:    9:30am - 12:30pm &  1:30pm - 4:30pm

Venue:  33 Poh Huat Drive, Singapore 546823

We keep our class size small for optimal learning and interactive experience. Seats are limited so do sign up now to reserve your spot. 

*All graduates of our permaculture workshop will be given priority to participate in our Farm Build courses - where participants actually gets to roll up their sleeves and build a garden/farm from scratch!  

Trainer Profile

Alexius Yeo

Alexius Yeo

Guided by his childhood passion for nature and garden landscapes, Alexius Yeo graduated from The National University of Singapore and The University of North Carolina with an Honours degree in Geography. He later went on to attain the Permaculture Design Certificate in 2014 from The Permaculture Research Institute.

Alexius began his career with NParks as a Streetscape Manager. After gaining 3 fruitful years of experience and amazing memories, he left NParks and Singapore for the Philippines to work with the poor at the country’s first Farm University and Social Enterprise Incubator. There, he quickly fell in love with the joys of farming and landscaping edible gardens that are both beautiful and productive. Returning to Singapore, he worked with local social enterprise, Edible Garden City, to continue to build urban edible landscapes and champion Singapore’s grow-your-own-food movement.

Today, he is the Director of Carbon InQ Pte Ltd - a local company that teaches Agriculture-based experiential learning programmes at schools and corporate firms. Furthermore, he is also the founder of Project 33 - a family initiated farming movement that aims to unite neighbourhoods through community farming, cooking, educational activities and the practice of sharing first.

Traveling down an unusual career path as an urban farmer, Alexius is driven by the mission to help fellow urbanites reconnect with Nature and with one another. He strongly believes that everyone can have green fingers. And that it is never too late, or frivolous, to strive for food quality, purity and self-sufficiency.