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An intrinsic part of the work we do at the Centre of Nature Literacy & Enterprise is to help organizations and individuals transform unproductive spaces into meaningful farms that are both beautiful and productive. Learning from Nature, our urban farm designs are strongly guided by Permaculture ethics and principles. Combining Permaculture design with Natural Farming techniques, our farms not only become more abundant over time, they also require significantly less maintenance after maturity.

We strongly believe that the urban gardens of the future will allow people to co-create productive ecosystems with Mother Nature, and will grow to play a crucial role in nourishing people’s minds, bodies and the very social fabric of urban life.


If you have a plot that is sitting idle and you would love to see it become a meaningful place for your family or community, we invite you to contact us at enquiries@cnle.com.sg to inquire about our edible landscaping service. We would be happy to guide you through the following 4 steps to help you achieve your desired edible garden:


  • Site Analysis & Design Proposal

This involves gaining an acute understanding of the many unique site conditions before designing a landscape plan and strategy that is bespoke, practical and effective.

  • Farm Build & Soil Amendment

Here, we proceed to build the farm for you according to the proposed design, focusing on utilizing our in-house techniques of soil amendment. Using only organic and natural methods, you’ll be amazed to see how fast and easy edible plants can grow once we give them the right nutrition and care.

  • Eco-System Stabilization & Training

Once we have complete the landscape, the local eco-system will take about a month to mature and stabilize to achieve long term success. We utilize this maturing period to guide our clients on developing their basic green fingers in the areas of propagation, pruning and pest control.

  • Maintenance & Training

We provide maintenance services as required, distinguishing our follow up services by incorporating gradual and in-depth training to help home owners/project leaders quickly overcome the steep learning curve.


Edible Roof Top Farm CNLE 

Our Farms Built Portfolio

The projects we have done include:

  • Over 15 Private Residential Homestead Farms
  • University Scholars Programme, National University of Singapore (NUS)
  • St Teresa’s Convent
  • St Andrew’s Autism Centre
  • Project 33’s Home Base Farm