“Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop as it provides both theory and hands-on experience. Alexius is very patient and shares a lot of knowledge which we appreciate a lot!”

Lim Kim Hong | Gardener’s Intermediate Series | August 12th, 2017


“The workshop series was very informative and the lecturer made the sessions interesting. I learnt a lot about gardening from these series.”

Saleha Jumat | Gardener’s Intermediate Series | August 12th, 2017


“As a foreigner living in Singapore, I have always been interested and wanted to learn about local plants. CNLE workshop exactly offers what I was looking for! Meeting with people with common interest is also great.”

Aya Sato | Gardener’s Basic Series | July 22nd, 2017


“Highly recommended. If you only attend one horticulture class, this should be it. Excellent balance of theory and hands-on. Thank you!”

 Chethan Anil | Gardener’s Basic Series | July 22nd, 2017


“Very informative, engaging and interesting. Eye opener especially to local edibles. Very excited to try the tips / lessons learnt.”

Lim Kim Hong | Gardener’s Basic Series | July 22nd, 2017


"Dear Alexius... It is evident that you have successfully translated your passion for the living environment into an insightful, interactive, and engaging 3-hour course! 

Thank you for hosting me and the 5 kids.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and feedback and comments from the kids after the event was overwhelming, and unanimously positive.  (you have no idea how difficult it is to achieve this!)

We all had fun learning about the soil mix, the plants, and the bugs in an interactive, fun and highly experiential environment.  The children utterly loved getting their hands dirty making the soil mix, messing around with the earthworms, and generally just getting into a state of dirt and mess …as proper and fitting for them!

Perhaps what was personally most insightful for me was the CSI- Bugs, where we could tell who the culprits were just by examining the evidence, which were mere bite marks on the leaves and branches. 

Most of all, thank you for the cake, and the extra touch for Andrew, the birthday boy.  He had a truly memorable day!"

Hwee Ching | Bespoke Parent & Child Workshop | July 10th, 2017


“I really enjoyed it (workshop) and felt that the content was perfect to leave me with enough knowledge to start my own garden”

Colin Ng | Gardener’s Basic Series | July 1st, 2017


“Good bonding, great opportunity to experience natural food, something unknown to me. Give me the encouragement to grow vegetables and herbs. Glad I came for the class”

Rosalind Sng | Gardener’s Intermediate Series | July 1st, 2017


“An amazing workshop that is great for both novice gardeners and seasoned gardeners alike”

Anonymous | Gardener’s Intermediate Series | July 1st, 2017


“No one should miss Alexius’ lessons. Totally engaging and informative and it opens my eyes to a new experience”

Geraldine Lee | Gardener’s Intermediate Series | July 1st, 2017


“The workshops have been unbelievably fun and eye-opening. Its changed the way I look at plants (I literally see and tast more) and appreciate the food we eat. The group has been very engaging and Alexius, Adelene and Isabel have been inspiring, thank you! I hope this is just the beginning!”

Chew I-Jin | Gardener’s Intermediate Series | July 1st, 2017


“Enjoyed learning about local herbs, plants and the ways of cooking them or using them for medicine”

Siti Radiah | Gardener’s Basic Series | June 3rd, 2017


“Thank you. This course gave me a lot more understanding about the physiology of plants, soil and concepts that intrigued me like microculture and microenvironment. It gives me the motivation to read more into it”

Faizal Nordin | Gardener’s Basic Series | June 3rd 2017


“Most interesting and informative learning session. Good for beginners and people who loves plant but does not have green fingers. Alexius explains it from a plant science perspective and plants that can grow well in Singapore’s tropical environment”

Joyce Seah | Gardener’s Basic Series | June 3rd, 2017


“The workshop provided me the right formula or secret blend to make a great soil mixture. Hopefully my plants will grow and thrive enough to get to my table”

Melinda Manzi |Gardener’s Basic Series | June 3rd, 2017


“Alexius is an amazingly engaged and knowledgeable teacher – His enthusiasm is infectious! I appreciate his patience with questions and generosity to share. The learning was well paced”

Chew I-Jin | Gardener’s Basic Series | June 3rd, 2017


“Throughly enjoyed the class which was mostly interactive. Very inspiring. Instructor was able to impart knowledge to us in a very interesting and easy to understand manner. Definitely one of the best ways to spend an enjoyable weekend! Thanks!”

Anonymous | Gardener’s Basic Series | June 3rd, 2017


“Well-structured with interesting hands-on sessions and knowledge sharing within the class.”

Ginny Wu | Gardener’s Basic Series | April 29th, 2017


“I thoroughly enjoyed the workshops. You (Alexius) exceeded my expectations and (I) learnt a lot about my plants and nature. Very practical. Thank you for sharing your extensive knowledge so generously.”

Lita Nithiyanandan | Gardener’s Basic Series | April 29th, 2017


The workshop provide(s) a good foundation on gardening. It spurs the interest to explore further.”

Francis Tan |Gardener’s Basic Series | April 29th, 2017


“Very personable approach to educating all of us on nature. Full of fun and lots of interaction amongst course mates. Totally enjoyed the 4 sessions and so much to learn!”

Geraldine Lee | Gardener’s Basic Series | April 29th, 2017